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J&S Foreign Car Repair
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Owners of foreign cars have the benefit of having a long-lasting vehicle at an affordable price. In fact, foreign cars have long been the recipients of awards for quality in such areas as reliability, safety, and fuel efficiency. If you want your vehicle to last even longer, you’ll need to keep it serviced which includes taking care of its tires. Here are just four reasons that you should regularly rotate the tires on your foreign car.

Longer Tire Life

A new set of tires isn’t cheap on most vehicles. If you don’t rotate your tires, the front tires will begin to wear on the outside edges more quickly. This will cause you to have to replace your tires thousands of miles sooner that you would need to otherwise. Rotating tires allows them to wear more evenly, which will extend their life.

More Even Braking

Because of weight distribution and braking, front tires have a tendency to wear out much quicker than rear tires. In fact, in a typical vehicle, the front tires wear out almost twice as fast the rear ones. Tire tread depth is an important factor in breaking, as traction is needed to stop the vehicle. Regular rotation can prolong tire life and minimize the loss of tread depth on your tires.

Better Vehicle Handling

Having even tire distribution on your vehicle will optimize your car’s handling. Balanced handling and traction are must-haves, particularly in areas where there might be wet conditions from rain or snow. Also, improved vehicle handling will translate into better gas mileage.

Maintain Tire Warranty

Did you know that most tires come with a separate warranty? Tire manufacturers offer tread-life warranties that will pay a portion of a tire replacement should the tire prematurely deteriorate. However, nearly all warranties are void if you don’t rotate your tires at the recommended intervals.

Foreign cars are popular choices for consumers because they’re known for their quality, efficiency, and even high resale value. However, they must be maintained along the way which includes scheduling tire rotation according to your manufacturer’s recommendations. Contact us at (708) 749-3444 with any questions or to schedule an appointment.