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J&S Foreign Car Repair
6801 16th Street
Berwyn, Illinois 60402

Although your foreign car may offer great gas mileage and is likely quite dependable, like its domestic counterparts, it still requires regular maintenance. Here are four ways to lower the cost of maintenance for your foreign vehicle:

Shop Around

Man checking the oilUsually, different automotive repair shops have different pricing for routine foreign car maintenance services. By comparing the prices of a variety of local shops that specialize in foreign car maintenance and repair, you can help ensure that you don’t pay an exorbitant price unnecessarily.

When shopping, try to have an idea of the cost of your vehicle’s recommended maintenance supplies, such as the motor oil. Foreign cars often use synthetic oil, which may be a bit pricier than other types of oil. By knowing the cost of the items that will be used during the maintenance, you can estimate the labor cost and know when a shop’s quote is too high. Additionally, your research will help you identify automotive shops that are currently offering maintenance specials for even greater savings.

Stick to a Maintenance Schedule

By adhering to recommended routine maintenance schedules for your foreign vehicle, you can avoid more expensive maintenance services. An oil change will always cost less than the engine repair that may result from too little oil pressure.

Self Service

If you are comfortable handling small automotive jobs, do some of the routine maintenance on your foreign car yourself. Replacing a cabin air filter usually takes less than 10 minutes and requires little effort. If you are handy mechanically, you can consider changing your own oil as well. Nevertheless, other maintenance jobs, such as tire rotations and automotive repairs, may be too labor-intensive for you to tackle on your own.

Avoid Expensive Dealership Automotive Departments

The automotive department of your dealership will likely charge more than other local independent automotive shops. Although the dealership may specialize in servicing foreign vehicles, there are other local shops that specialize in foreign car maintenance as well.

For affordable, reliable foreign car maintenance, contact J&S Foreign Car Repair at (708) 749-3444.