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German cars are made very well, but they still need attention if you want them to stay pristine for as long as possible. These easy tips can be put on a checklist that will help you handle preventive maintenance for your German car.


German Car RepairYou should check major fluid levels at least once every month. This means you need to check the oil level, and when you do look at the color. When it starts to turn dark, you may need an oil change, even if it seems early. Coolant also needs to be checked once a month. For most vehicles, a flush should be done every two years, but some closed systems don’t require it. You can check your owner’s manual or any local lube service or auto parts store can help you identify which kind your car is. Brake fluid is pretty easy to check, but if it seems low, don’t simply add more fluid. Instead, get your brakes serviced. Most modern cars have a closed transmission system, so you likely don’t need to check those fluid levels, but keep washer fluid on your list.

Rubber Cracks

Salted roads, dry heat and any number of other conditions can help the different rubber parts in your vehicle crack and rot prematurely. The rule of thumb for preventive maintenance on German cars is to do a simple monthly inspection. Start by checking your tire pressure. When you do, look for cracks on the tires, particularly on the sides. You can also pop the hood and look at your belts. When they show signs of wear, it will be in the form of small cracks almost identical to the tires. You can also do a quick scan of the major hoses that are visible.

A Few Other Tips

Most of the systems of your car will be used every time you drive, but in cooler months you still want to run your AC for a few minutes each month to keep everything lubricated. You surely know to change your oil regularly, but you should also change your fuel filter every 40,000 miles. Finally, pay attention to changes in steering responsiveness and get the car serviced if you notice anything major. If your German car needs maintenance call J&S Foreign Car Repair at (708) 749-3444.